QICA Inc is the Queensland organising body that liaises and organises Inter-Varsity choral events and Festivals in Queensland.  (See our “Objects” below;)

Each year, University Choirs around Australia convene at an InterVarsity Choral Festival or “IV” – these choirs are all members of the Australian Intervarsity Choral Societies Assosciation, www.aicsa.org.au .

The festivals are hosted by different state choirs each year;  January 2019 was South Australia’s turn with a fabulous concert that critics raved about!

July 2020 it will be Brisbane’s turn to host the annual festival that promises to bring some real “bucket-list” content – a truly unique  never-to-be-repeated opportunity, that you won’t want to miss, as it features not one, but two Queensland Premieres!

For the first half of the QIV2020 Concert performance, we have the intriguing Ricky Edward’s Sanctus which incorporates the Tower-Bells’ chimes *into* the choral work – a very rare thing indeed; The second half of the Concert will be the highly acclaimed Mass in Blue by Will Todd which involves a Jazz trio accompaniment.  Both perfomed in a single Concert Performance in the beautiful venue of St Johns Cathedral, Brisbane on Saturday 11th July 2020.

For full festival details, download the prospectus here: INVITE V1

About Queensland Intervarsity Choirs Association (QICA) Inc.

The objects of the association are—

(a) to foster a spirit of fraternity between University-affiliated choirs by facilitating inter-varsity communication and social interaction.

 (b) to encourage and further the performance of, and interest in, choral music, particularly (but not limited to) University-affiliated choirs.

(c) to plan and stage future Intervarsity Choral Festivals to be held in Brisbane or elsewhere in Queensland ; and

(d) to do anything the Committee regards as reasonably necessary in the attainment of these objects.

The income and assets of the Association shall be applied exclusively for the promotion of its objects, and no portion thereof shall be paid or applied to the members, except by way of payment for services rendered or bona fide reimbursement of expenses incurred while attaining the objects of the Association.